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Service Request

Our office is staffed 24/7, 365 days a year. To request guard service you may complete this form, and we will call you shortly with the best available rate. Rates are based upon particulars of your request.

Pursuant to our agreement and instructions from your corporate office, we will send final invoices to the regional office for review and approval. In addition, the Post Orders used by NESCTC have been approved for all of your locations by your corporate office.

Guards must have your Store Managers sign their sheets for hourly verification each shift. All billing is based upon hours approved by your Store Manager. Guards will receive a paid total of thirty minutes break-time if they remain on site in reach of management. Anything over 30-minutes is not billed for.

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Hours: If hours are the same everyday, please specify here:

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the security service or the company, contact us and immediate & appropriate actions will be taken! We also have a Client Feedback Section on our website, here at that you can email us directly with any comments. We are your Security Management Company and we exist to insure your needs for security are met with the best available coverage at the best possible rate, and with all appropriate insurance protections in effect. We rely on you for quality communications to insure proper coverage at all times. All in process changes must be called into our office by authorized personnel only.

Please direct any questions on Protocol to Mr. Michael J. Malloy, Company President. Email:

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