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NESCTC National is NESCTC’s national security management division.

NESCTC National offers Corporate Security and Loss Prevention Directors with national or international operations, the ability to organize, plan, budget and manage their contract security needs from a corporate level, and receive professional feedback and information on activities in the field, through a single point of contact with security experts who understand the responsibilities of a security Executive.

Contracted Security Management
The “features and benefits” of retaining NESCTC National to manage your company’s contract security needs include the following:

  • Single Point of Contact Nationally. NESCTC is a true, national, one-stop resource offering clients a single point of contact to request security services throughout the U.S. (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands).
  • Below-market Rates. NESCTC’s business model leverages the collective size and coverage hours of our national clients with our suppliers providing the lowest rates to all our Clients.
  • Responsiveness. Our 24-7-365, full-service National Support Center provides our Clients with live, prompt, courteous service. The Team includes NESCTC Executives with Corporate Security, Loss Prevention, Law Enforcement and Global Security experience.
  • Consistently Higher Quality. NESCTC provides consistently higher quality guards than national companies by 1) prescreening suppliers on licensing, insurance, training and other criteria before they are eligible to provide services to our Clients, 2) by leveraging technology, 3) giving our Clients the unfettered right to remove guards, or even suppliers, for any substandard performance, with the task of removing the supplier or guard shouldered by NESCTC, and 4) having a competitive, diverse supplier base including MBE, WBE and SBE companies. In addition, NESCTC provides performance guarantees on all our annual accounts.
  • Risk Management & Legal Protection. NESCTC stands behind its service, with insurance and indemnification provisions that provide our Clients with two levels of protection (from both NESCTC and our suppliers), dramatically minimizing our Clients’ risk exposure.
  • Billing Integrity. NESCTC provides “on-time, on-site” validation by requiring all security guards to call in to our Client Support Center to verify arrival and departure times, and then requires a site manager to verify hours on a sign-in log each day. NESCTC reviews these to check for discrepancies and performs a pre-billing audit any time a discrepancy appears. In short, we do not bill our Clients until we validate service performance.
  • Comprehensive Reporting. National, regional, district and site level reports are available to enable our clients to save time, organize & manage contract security more efficiently, plan and budget more accurately, and control costs more effectively through our client portal.
  • ROI. Based on the combined value of all the benefits and advantages NESCTC provides, NESCTC’s Clients receive a significantly higher Return on Investment than any other security management firm.

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Corporate Headquarters

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