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NESCTC Direct is a Rhode Island security company, also licensed in Massachusetts and Connecticut. It is part of NESCTC Security Agency LLC.

What we do:
The largest component of NESCTC Direct is our uniformed security service. We provide professional results by screening and training every security officer we send out in our uniform.

Our supervisors have the experience and training needed to set up security solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. Our command staff also makes sure the security officers we send on assignments have the training and aptitude needed to complete the job.

How we do it:
Our command staff has experience in law enforcement, corrections, the military, private security and the law. We draw on that experience to provide our clients with the finest security officers.

Contracted Security Management
The keys to developing and providing our Clients the finest Security Officers include a straightforward, no-nonsense focus on the following:

  • Recruiting, Screening & Hiring. There is nothing more important! Creative & Innovative recruiting practices are tempered by stringent screening measures that include a comprehensive employment application, a 2-phase interview process, criminal background and credit history checks, reference checks, motor vehicle checks and OFAC SDN screening.
  • Training. NESCTC Direct provides Security Officer’s with a 40+ hour competitive curriculum that exceeds the training requirements for security personnel in any state, and includes group training designed to identify and weed out those who may have passed initial screening but do not meet our performance standards, before they are assigned to a Post.
  • Professional Appearance & Demeanor. Security Officers representing NESCTC will be clean shaven and appear in a clean, pressed uniform on site, and will be on time, remain standing in an Alert-Awake-Ready position, refrain from socializing or talking on a cellular phone while on duty, and otherwise conduct themselves in a professional manner that comports with Client expectations.
  • Effective Communication. Effective verbal and written communication is essential for Security Officers who not only come into contact with our Client’s employees, but in many cases are in contact with our Client’s customers, may need to assist law enforcement in the event of an incident or emergency, or be approached by the news media. NESCTC training includes specific instruction on how to communicate appropriately and professionally, or in some cases politely refrain from communicating with, those they may come into contact with on site. We also train on basic written functions such as writing Daily Activity Reports and Incident Reports.

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Corporate Headquarters

NESCTC Security Agency, LLC
46 Molter Street                    
Cranston, RI 02910                     


Toll Free: +1 (800) 472-5195
Phone: +1 (401) 921-1002    
Fax: +1 (401) 921-5999