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Become a Vendor

NESCTC is constantly looking for quality Suppliers to work for us on national and multinational accounts. Our Supplier network includes some of the best independently owned & operated ( small to moderate size private security companies ) in the country, and we welcome new Suppliers to work for us who can meet our standards. We are especially interested in working with quality M.B.E. and W.B.E. firms.

We offer Suppliers a free sales force and a diverse base of billable hours throughout the year. This is additional sales revenue that comes from accounts that would otherwise be inaccessible to small and midsize suppliers because national and multinational companies generally seek national security “mega-firms” for security services thinking only they could provide national service. NESCTC has shattered this myth successfully winning over national accounts by demonstrating seamless national security service of the highest caliber, at the lowest available rates!

Our goal is to bring the private security industry back to a long lost level of professionalism and integrity. We take the business of security very serious! We operate at full office staffing 24/7/365! The idea that a command structure for security is a 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday job with holidays off is ridiculous! Those committed to our industry understand and realize that nights, weekends, and holidays are times that we are needed the most! Just ask any Client that has had an emergency need for security and gets an answering machine or an answering service stating: “Our office is closed, call back Monday,” or “No one is available to assist you at this time.”

There are over 18,000 private security companies in America. Many of them have the “right stuff,” but do not get the “right opportunities.” These are the firms we are looking for!

What do we require? Honesty & integrity, fair & flexible rates, a commitment to improving our industry, a desire to work hard and take pride in your work, and dependability. There is no cost to be a member of our Supplier Network. The criteria to be one of our Suppliers is straightforward–honor, fair rates, dependability, great costumer service exellence, and sticking with our program.

We have an “at-will” Master Agreement that includes insurance and indemnification provisions. We require Insurance Certificates listing NESCTC as an Additional Insured Certificate Holder. We need evidence of proper licensing and require some information to complete our due diligence process. We ask up front what you can and cannot do. Obviously we are seeking can-do firms! The “can not’s” can work with our competitors thank you!

We are looking for committed companies to deliver a dependable service at a fair rate. Your product is the Security Officer and it is your Security Officer that tells all about your company. Ultimately it is your Security Officer that will determine how long you will be in business or how successful you’ll be. When screening Suppliers, much of our interest centers on your people!

We want to build a network of the best small and midsize Suppliers who work for us to service national and multinational accounts. In return for significantly increased sales volume, we expect below-market rates to offer our clients to create a win-win solution for all.

The biggest difference is expecting responsiveness! It appears the larger a company gets, the less need for being responsive to customers! The only interest is to obtain as many billable hours as possible to support a top heavy command staff and unhealthy overhead. Something is wrong with this picture and the contradiction is obvious. Our response is “no thanks!”

We use our knowledge of the market wisely. NESCTC is committed to being a valuable profit center to quality Suppliers that meet our criteria. Integrity and paying Suppliers on-time is our first priority. Beyond this, we provide training and testing materials for entry level officers, and consulting and marketing assistance to aid in your local markets. In essence we provide you with a built-in sales force at no charge, and all you have to do is consistently demonstrate quality, dependability, and fair rates!

Corporate Headquarters

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Cranston, RI 02910                     


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