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Over 35,000 Client Sites Booked Since 1997!


To provide the most intelligent, efficient, affordable and innovative security program, tailored to the success of our Clients, “one site at a time.”

Corporate History
NESCTC is a privately held, limited liability company working throughout North America, the Caribbean , and South Pacific. We are a national security company and also have a direct division providing security service in Rhode Island , Massachusetts and Connecticut . Our world corporate headquarters is located in Cranston , Rhode Island.

NESCTC Security Agency, LLC began operations in 1997. Originally in Providence , RI as a direct provider of security services. NESCTC designed and implemented state-of-the-art “welfare to work initiatives,” in conjunction with the RI Department of Human Services, and the U.S. Department of H.U.D., to service public housing and local area hospitals. From inception NESCTC committed to bettering our local communities through viable quality programs, well trained staff and affordable rates. Our experience in developing creative private-public collaboratives fostered growth in all areas of our business. The commitment to community encompassed commitment to our business clients and the economic good of all. This remains a core value and identifiable attribute of NESCTC today!

As we grew our Rhode Island security company, we attracted the attention of national and multinational organizations. They tested our promises and our product and they are now our clients. With their guidance and support, NESCTC grew into a national, full-service security consulting and management firm.

Company Scope
The growing demand for national guard service led NESCTC, in 1999, to begin compiling a proprietary database of small to medium-sized independent security agencies. That cadre of affiliates now numbers more than 1200 and provides security in all of North America and the Caribbean. That resource promises that NESCTC can offer you the best and most flexible service at the best possible rate.

Company Goals
Private security in the United States has seen an influx of large foreign-owned companies buying and merging small independent firms into their operations through the United States . The trend has increased over the past 15 years, even though it runs counter to the security of the United States and her long term economic interests.

NESCTC offers a way to support local small businesses and enterprises owned by women and minorities. Those companies make up the NESCTC affiliate team. For clients, that means your service is provided by entrepreneurs who are committed to providing quality. It also means the dollars you spend on security stay in the community, stimulating the local economy.

It is a patriotic, holistic approach that serves our country well.

Company Guide
The NESCTC business model is 100% CLIENT-CENTRIC.

We refined our business practices through client feedback, our own research and the experience derived from the years our executive managers spent in police work, the military, IT security and the law.

We can help you achieve your objectives for security, loss prevention, asset protection and safety while reducing your paperwork and saving you money.

But it is service that counts most in the security business. The NESCTC national security supplier group ensures you will have the security company CEO supervising your site. The performance-based at-will contracts our affiliates sign with NESCTC guarantees the flexibility needed to achieve client satisfaction.

Industries Served
NESCTC is ready, willing and able to provide security solutions to companies in all industries. We have a proven track record of delivering superior results in office buildings, distribution centers, stores, restaurants, convention centers, stadiums and other settings.

Some other highlights include:

Hospitality Industry
We provide hospitality service with a difference. Our personnel can provide a presence in your facility in either police style uniforms or business attire. They are also trained to augment your effort. They will answer questions and help with service. If food trays impede a hallway at 3 a.m., our officers won’t wait for housekeeping, they will pitch in to help.

We can coordinate our effort to offer a parallel approach to security. We will coordinate officers in uniforms and business attire to meet your needs – helpful for special events.

We can respond to your needs: If you need additional personnel on short notice, we can accommodate that. We have the resources to provide you with the help you need.

Event Security
We provide personnel to meet your needs when you need them.
Besides providing a presence, our officers are also trained in first aid and CPR.
Report writing is an important part of our training program. That could provide you with protection long after our guards have left your site.

Greeter Service/Courtesy Officers
We maintain a roster of personnel to assist real estate and auction professionals. We have greeters in all 50 states, ready to stand by at open houses and assist sales teams at auctions.

Our greeters also collect names, numbers and addresses at the sale site, providing you with a steady stream of leads.

Need to book a job? Have a question? Want to become a vendor? Call us now toll-free at 1-800-472-5195

Corporate Headquarters

NESCTC Security Agency, LLC
46 Molter Street                    
Cranston, RI 02910                     


Email: info@nesctc.com 
Toll Free: +1 (800) 472-5195
Phone: +1 (401) 921-1002    
Fax: +1 (401) 921-5999